Meredith Steele was born and raised in Virginia.  While growing up, she and her family often escaped to their cottage on the Chesapeake Bay where her love for the earth’s natural beauty sprouted.  Meredith found herself in her first painting class at College of Charleston in 2010.  Since then, she has rarely put the brush down.  After college Meredith headed West to Jackson Hole, Wyoming where her love for nature and painting continued to thrive.  Her time out West fueled her creative process and inspired her painting to become an even bigger part of her life. 

Meredith returned to Charleston after two magical years in the Tetons and started using her creative talents in floral design.  Again, Meredith fell in love with her natural surroundings but this time it was flowers, plants and all things botanical.  Meredith recently turned to painting full time in the city where her passion for painting was born.  It is safe to say the diverse beauty in nature and in her everyday life has been the main source of her inspiration.  Her hope is to bring anyone who gets the chance to experience her art or purchase a piece a sense of happiness and an appreciation for the wondrous world that we get to live in.