Lauren Richardson, The Sursy

Denver, CO

"My work in the interior design space is unique, and Meredith was an incredibly accommodating artist partner from the first message we exchanged on Instagram through delivery and install. She is so talented and you can tell she takes genuine interest in following the journey of her pieces even after they leave her studio. I look forward to working with Meredith on upcoming commissions and future design projects on behalf of clients, and even for my own home!"

Thomas McLaren

Denver, CO

“Meredith Steele encompasses the succinct movement of art transparency. Her mixed media coupled with special one off pieces and commission work are a delightful escape for those bored with the standard art landscape. I have found her work to have intense spectral bandwidth not only in form or preparation but in color and purpose. Her direction is palatable and most aligned with those seeking to create their space with works of intention and beauty.”

Clare McGorry

Washington DC

“I absolutely LOVE my Meredith Steele Art. I have the Monstera and Alocasia original paintings and they are absolutely gorgeous, especially in person. I live in Washington, DC, so I was concerned with having the paintings transported so far, but they were very securely packaged and came in perfect condition. They also came within a week of ordering, with the sweetest note from Meredith. The Alocasia painting hangs above my bed and I love how it brings my whole room together. I can’t recommend Meredith Steele Art more highly! I think I might just become a collector!”

Thomas Drazan

Charleston, SC

“Simply put, I buy Meredith’s work because certain pieces speak to me. Each time I’ve been interested in a piece I’ve been lucky enough to see it in person before I bought it. In person her work shines; each and every piece I’ve only appreciated more as I've spent time with them and discovered the nuances. Like the prints of other great works, I admire hers as wonderful representations of her work. That said there is nothing like the first time you see the print’s original in the museum to know why certain artists are special. Meredith’s work is no different.”

Major Brannen


“Working with Meredith on the 60x40” commission piece of the Teton’s was such a pleasure. She was available to answer any questions I had and was able to accommodate my vision for the painting. I LOVE the painting she created and the service she provided certainly exceeded my expectations. Use Meredith for your next commission, you will be glad you did!!”