My name is Meredith Steele and I am a Denver based visual artist who thrives on exploring new methods and experimenting with unusual materials. An oil painting course at The College of Charleston sparked my love for art and led me to pursue an art career in the following years. Years later, I finally allowed myself to break away from traditional painting and start experimenting with mixed media. It felt like I had awoken a part of my creativity that had been buried in the sand.  I started to incorporate all sorts of found, collected, and repurposed materials into my work.  While I attempted letting go of traditional rules and techniques, I also wanted to use my artistic expression to celebrate women and their innate self.  My collections, “A Collection of HER” and “Women” are dedicated to the relationship between woman, textile, and texture. Using countless and unusual materials helps me tap into exciting rhythms with my work.  On any given piece you will find pencil, pen, paint, fabric, buttons, metal, wire, paintbrushes, rubber, whatever sparks me at the moment of creation.  All the different patterns, textures, and mediums create an individual personality for every piece. The subjects of my work are dynamic and hopefully leave the viewer noticing new details every time he/she looks at it.   My artistic experience ranges from large installation work at music festivals and project murals to commission paintings and original series.  My work varies in subject and in style but regardless of the project, my biggest hope professionally is to continue on a path of exploration.  Let’s get to work. Let’s create.